A musical show for Ages 6+ filled with buzzing and songs, dancing and flying. Oh and you’ll learn lots of important things about bees along the way!

Did you know that there are more than 20,000 different types of bees? The bumble bee, the solitary bee, the mining bee, the spelling bee, the vitamin B…

And then there’s Mel, who is a honey bee. She can’t find her colony. She got left behind, you see. In fact, she’s not even sure how to be a bee!

On the journey to find her home she has some amazing adventures as she meets Luke, the bumblebee and Marsha, the solitary bee. She learns how to fly, discovers some of the dangers in her world, finds her first flowers and experiences the value of true friendship along the way.

BEES! is a funny, factual foray into the lives of pollinators and their importance for us humans which will have you singing along and filling your garden with bee-friendly plants.

Written by Mark Doherty
Music by Jack Cawley
Directed by Sophie Motley
Associate Directed by Maisie Lee
Performed by Jack Cawley, Sean Duggan, Mary-Lou McCarthy and Marie Ruane
Set & Lighting Design by Sarah Jane Shiels
Costume Design by Sarah Bacon
Choreography by Emma O’Kane
Produced by Kate Ferris and Maria Fleming