There is a farmer inside everyone. How far from the land are you? The city has gone to seed but the price of sheep is going up. FARM asks what can rescue us? WillFredd have teamed up with farmers young and old, beekeepers, allotment owners and city dwellers to interrupt the city centre with FARM, a space where the Rural and the Urban unite and bloom. Play with the cycles of life and death, land and machines, animals and insects, dawn and dusk. Come to FARM, get your hands dirty and unearth your roots.

Supported by The Arts Council, Dublin City Council, Rough Magic Production Support and Trinity College Dublin, FARM presents and pulls apart the stories, views, and routines of rural life in a space within the confines of the city.

FARM is a promenade documentary theatre piece, developed in collaboration with five different rural and urban communities.
FARM is performed in a warehouse or urban space.
FARM explores the rural and the urban, where they meet, and how they affect our everyday lives.

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  • Nominated for Best Production, Irish Times Theatre Awards 2013
  • Winner of Best Off-Site Production, Dublin Fringe Festival 2012
  • Winner of Lir ReVival Award, Dublin Fringe Festival 2012
  • FARM No. 2 in’s Top 10 Theatre Productions of 2012